Poiema Foundation

Alliance Auto Auction Raises $47K for Poiema Foundation to Stop Sex Trafficking

The Poiema Foundation is an organization dedicated to educating the public and raising awareness in order to prevent sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and other methods of sexual exploitation. They provide a safe place, including trauma-informed care for those who have been trafficked and are on their journey from victim to survivor. Poeima plays an ever increasing role in this recovery process. The statistics are stomach turning; the average age of a girl entering prostitution is thirteen years old, thirty girls per month are trafficked as escorts, five hundred and sixteen girls are trafficked online via ads per month, and this is just in Texas. This is why The Poiema Foundation exists.

Alliance Auto Auction teamed up with The Poiema Foundation because of their focus in Texas and because they shared a common area. Poiema has its headquarters in Rockwall, TX, not far from the Alliance Auction in Dallas. During the drive, for every car sold, Alliance Auto Auction gave back a portion of the proceeds to Poiema.

Watch The Interview with the Poiema Founder

Alliance is not done yet. Poiema Foundation and the girls it serves needs your help. Please visit the Poiema website and consider donating to the cause. We all need to help stop this horrendous crime against humanity. Join us in the fight to stop human trafficking.

Watch the short film we helped produce Don’t Let Me Down.