The Alliance Quality Rating (AQR) is your trusted preview to knowing exactly what you will get at our auctions. We get up close and personal with the vehicles so you do not have to.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed*

AQR is Alliance Auto Auction’s easy-to-use rating scale for vehicle condition levels, providing our customers with a simple reference guide to gauge the quality of each vehicle without having to see it in person. Condition areas reviewed and graded include the interior, exterior, frame, and mileage and the scale ranges from Like New to Inoperable. The AQR rating for each vehicle will be prominently displayed on the windshield making it easy to see. Our run lists will also now include the AQR seal next to each vehicle so buyers can easily plan their purchasing in advance of the sale. * The Alliance Quality Rating (AQR) guarantees the cosmetic condition level of our vehicles. Please call for guarantee details. For total quality assurance, also check out our Post Sale Inspection (PSI) options for a full mechanical review.

Customer Service to the Extreme

  • AQR helps our buyers more easily prepare and evaluate their bids for the auction sale – both online and in the lane.
  • There is no fine print or hidden existing damage. With detailed condition reports available online, customers can trust in the transparency and accuracy of the AQR.
  • With the easy-to-see sticker, there is no question about what is coming down the lane which reduces buybacks after the sale.
  • Want even more insurance on your purchase? Check out our Post-Sale Inspection (PSI) options to get a mechanical review as well.

Rating Legend

  • AAA ELITE - Like New Condition

    Previous paint on bumpers only. Very minor interior wear & tear and existing exterior damage limited to minor PDR dents and minor scratching.

  • AAA - Good Condition

    Previous paint on bumpers and no more than two panels. Minimal interior wear & tear and existing exterior damage limited only to pdr dents and light scratching.

  • AA - Average Condition

    No mileage restraint. Average interior wear & tear and minimal existing exterior damage. Some previous repairs evident.

  • A - Poor Condition

    No mileage restraint. Excessive interior wear & tear. Excessive exterior or collision damage, possibly to the frame. Excessive previous repairs evident.

  • INOP - Inoperable Condition

    Any vehicle that is unable to drive through the sale lane for any reason.