Registered Dealer Application

Steps to Register

  1. Obtain a dealer’s license! Alliance is a DEALER’S ONLY auction
  2. Register with Auction Access. You will need an auction access number to register with Alliance.
  3. Create an Edge Pipeline account. Registration will allow you to participate in our weekly online simulcast.
  4. Register at Alliance Auto Auction!!  You can do this by either calling your local Alliance location during business hours, or reaching out to Edge Assist.

Need Some Help with Registration?

For the most seamless registration process, contact Edge Assist @ (833) 282 – 3343. Edge Assist can only assist with Auction Access or Edge Pipeline related questions.  For any other questions, please contact your local Alliance location.

Download the Auction Access Application
Download the Dealer Registration Application
Download the Fleet Registration Application

*Alliance applications updated 4/3/2023