7 Keys to Auction Success

7 Keys to Auction Success
At Alliance Auto Auction our goal is to ensure our customers have the best experience possible with us. We recommend the following best practices to help you create your own following and your own market when selling cars at our auctions.
  • Be consistent in bringing cars ready to sell each week.

    Consistency is key in creating an auction following of buyers who have a demand for your units. When they know the decision maker is motivated to sell, they will be motivated to pay top dollar.

  • Reserve numbers & schedule transportation for your available auction inventory early.

    Getting your units to our location 24-48 hours prior allows for quality condition reports featuring AQR, buyer preview, and online marketing!

  • Let us know what type of units you’re sending so we can match them with the right buyer.

    At Alliance, we have wish lists from our buyers. When we know what you are sending, it helps us place your unit in the best spot to sell, and we can let our buyers know what to watch for!

  • Provide fair market floors & vehicle announcements to your sales rep.

    Even if you are representing your cars, the more information we have about your cars, the better chance we have to sell them. This also helps our proxy bid system to not eliminate a bid when announcements are made.

  • Attend the auction & REP your cars regularly.

    83% of our top sellers do this weekly! Your presence on the block gives buyers confidence that you will close a sale right then PLUS you will better understand the current market and know if your car received competitive bids.

  • Appearance is everything.

    Every $1 spent on detail equals a $3 return when sold at auction. Our detail services are available if needed!

  • Be available for phone calls on auction day for counter offers & PSI information.

    Even though the auction has ended, we are still working hard to sell your cars. A rapid response will increase your selling success!