All Alliance Auto Auctions adhere to NAAA Arbitration Guidelines. Please refer to NAAA for any additional statements not mentioned here.

* Updated April 3, 2023

Light System

Please refer to the NAAA light system.


  • Units with the following classifications will be listed As-Is unless represented by the Seller differently on the sale block:
    • The unit has an odometer reading of 125k or more 
    • The unit is more than 10 years old
    • The vehicle’s sale price is less than $3,500
    • The seller designates the unit As-Is


  • All arbitration claims must be presented before the close of business on the day of sale. In addition to said time frame, all claims must be in compliance with the Alliance location’s Test Drive Policy which takes precedence once a unit has exited the Alliance gate.
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to enter units into arbitration. The buyer must contact a Manager or their Sales Rep to ensure arbitration information is communicated.
  • Units cannot be entered into arbitration until the sale is finalized.
  • The expense for consultation and/or arbitration will be the responsibility of the party who is declared incorrect.

Arbitration- Communication and Return Timelines

  • It is the dealer's responsibility to immediately communicate a request to open an arbitration / late title claim.  If the in-lane buyer did not purchase a PSI, the buyer only has the actual day of sale to arbitrate.  If the buyer did purchase a PSI, they have the amount of time of the PSI they purchased. (7 day, or 14 day) Sale day is considered Day #1 of PSI coverage.  
  • Communication to open an arbitration for a vehicle issue or a late title is to be by one of the following methods only:  In person, a phone, text or email to a Manager or that particular dealers Sales Rep.  General personnel such as lot, operations, office staff, drivers, etc are not the proper individuals to communicate to, and it will not be considered as communicated.  
  • Once an arb claim has been communicated properly, the dealer is responsible for getting the unit back to the closest Alliance location as quickly as possible. (title arbs must be returned to the original Alliance location) The allowed time frames are as follows:
    • Within 100 miles of an Alliance location – up to 48 business hours
    • Outside of 100 miles from an Alliance location – A fair and reasonable timeframe will be established between the customer and the Auction’s Management Team at that location at the time of the request.
    • PSI mileage parameters apply

Test Drive Policy

  • Austin, Dallas, Longview & Waco:
    • 20/20 Policy: On the day of sale, Buyers have 20 minutes or 20 miles (whichever comes first) from the time a unit exits the gate to perform a test drive and file any arbitration complaint. Any complaints must be made in person or by phone within the 20/20 time frame.

      *Note: This does not apply to units that have received a PSI as the timelines of that particular PSI prevail.
  • Abilene:
    • Units purchased at the Alliance Abilene location are not eligible for the 20/20 policy as there is a test track designated for customers to complete their test drive.

High Dollar Payment Clause

  • All units that sell with a purchase price of $75,000 or higher will be reviewed thoroughly by Alliance Management before such a transaction will be considered final.
  • Seller payment will not be released to the seller until the buyer payment is received.
  • The unit will remain in the care and custody of the auction until the buyer payment is received.

Specialty Units

  • Specialty Units - defined as anything that is not a vehicle – all watercraft, RV, motorcycle, ATV’s, farm or commercial operating equipment, etc.
  • These units will be sold absolute AS IS. No Guarantee. These units are not eligible for any Post Sale Inspection or Arbitration, even related to title and/or bill of sale issues.
  • Units are treated as a “cash only” sale. Payment is expected on the day of sale and no seller check will be cut until the purchase is fully funded from the buyer. If the purchase is not fully funded within 48hrs the sale will be voided.
  • It is the dealer’s responsibility to ensure his/her license meets state mandates.


  • For your convenience Alliance offers Frame Checks, Informational, 7, and 14 day Post Sale Inspections (PSI) to be purchased on the day of sale. Please refer to our website for the most current pricing of these services.
  • Please note the buyer is responsible for the PSI fee regardless if the unit passes or fails PSI.
  • Alliance reserves the right to make repairs to any identified PSI issue and has the final say as to whether a unit is cancelled or repaired. Repair cost is defined as the Auction’s/Wholesale cost to repair.
  • Proper communication by the buyer to Alliance’s Arbitration department must be made by close of business on the day of sale.
  • If a vehicle is returned, it must be in the same or better condition than when purchased and within specified mileage guidelines.
  • Alliance will not reimburse a dealer for transportation, reconditioning, other work or expenses performed on vehicles that are returned.
  • Units sold As-Is or Red Light are only eligible for a Frame Check or an Informational PSI
  • The following are not eligible for pre or post sale inspections:  Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Jaguars, Electric vehicles, Hybrid vehicles, Kit vehicles, RV’s, Campers, Trailers, Motorcycles, Watercraft, Heavy Trucks & Equipment, 4 wheelers, Specialty units, Hand built or Exotic vehicles, including but not limited to: Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti,  Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, McLaren, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Tesla, Viper, and or any other high line or exotic unit, or any other vehicle or item deemed ineligible by auction management.  
  • Arbitration Criteria – Refer to NAAA Guidelines.

NAAA Arbitration Guidelines

We are an NAAA Auction and we adhere to NAAA Guidelines. You may download the current guidelines here View/Download PDF  (updated April 2023)